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Paweł Szanajca – Kossakowski (1962)

He began his artistic career as a saxophonist. He took part in the recordings of the most important music albums of
the 1980s in Poland with the bands KULT and ISRAEL.

Educated as a photographer, he initially followed the footsteps of the family tradition. In the 19th century, his great-grandfather Stanisław Kazimierz Kossakowski, an award-winning artist and photographer (Atelier Wojtkuszki). co-founded the Zachęta of Fine Arts and the Warsaw Photographic Society, himself being  The uncle, Eustachy Kossakowski, is tconsidered one of the greatest Polish photographers of the 20th century. However, it was thanks to his grandfather Józef Szanajca, an outstanding architect of the Praesens group, a co-organizer of the first European exhibition by Vladimir Malevich, that painting became Paweł Szanajca-Kossakowski's final choice.

His paintings were shown at many individual and collective exhibitions in Warsaw, Vilnius, Shanghai, Stockholm, Nice and Los Angeles, where he is considered a continuator of the constructivist tradition.


AWE is an Official Agent of Paweł Szanajca-Kossakowski.

On behalf of the Artist we are offering usually not more than 3 paintings at a time.

Full portfolio and other inquires upon request, svp.

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